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1st November

Can eBikes be used in the rain?

It’s a question that we are regularly asked as it is a common reservation whenever water and electrics combine; but hopefully by the end of this short piece you will have all of the answers you need.

1st November

Top cycling routes in the UK

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite cycling routes in the UK. Whether it’s some of the best views the country has to offer you’re looking for, or a thrill-seeking adventure, we’ve got something for everyone.

15th October

Regular bike vs eBike: The differences

This blog covers all of the key differences between regular bikes and eBikes.

29th September

Can eBikes go up steep hills?

The purpose of this article is to talk you through how to use an eBike appropriately when tackling climbs, and give you some guidance on the types of eBike to look for if your regular routes throw up steep hills often.

28th September

Do eBikes need registering?

All of your questions answered regarding registering, insuring, taxing and licensing for an eBike in the UK.

3rd September

Can you get an eBike on a cycle to work scheme?

The purpose of this short article is to explain the Cycle to Work scheme concept to you, and how eBikes fit into this government-backed initiative.

3rd September

10 eBike safety tips

Whether you’re a cycling novice or have transitioned from a traditional bike to an eBike, there are certain safety precautions that should be taken when heading out on the road. This eBike safety guide will ensure that your riding is as safe as it can be.

1st September

How to plan a cycle route

What all cyclists have in common is they enjoy a quiet, safe journey with roads that aren’t filled with traffic. In the UK you will find many country roads to travel down, but not all of those are going to give you the peaceful journey you’re looking for.

2nd August

eBike insurance: Everything you need to know

A clear guide on eBike insurance including whether you legally need it, what it covers, and how much it costs along with suggestions of comparison sites to visit in order to find great offers.

13th July

How a chronic fatigue sufferer claimed his life back with an Avaris eBike

A story of how the Avaris eBike helped a chronic fatigue sufferer rebuild his health and stamina, with daily bike rides.

29th June

Why eBike tuning is illegal & dangerous

Everything you need to know about eBike tuning, including why it's dangerous, illegal and should be avoided.

31st May

Avaris 2.3 eBike parts: the complete guide

A look at the Avaris eBike, part by part. Our bikes are made with high spec components from reputable manufacturers.

7th May

A simple guide to road bike gears and shifting between them

Many road bikes have a selection of gears. But what are their purpose, and what's the optimal way of shifting between them?

4th May

What makes the best road eBike?

When looking to buy an eBike there's plenty to consider, including how much electrical assistance is offered, and how good the battery life is.

29th March

6 eBike tips every beginner needs to read

Buying an eBike for the first time? We've put together some key tips to help you get the best out of your new bike.