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eBike Tyre Maintenance

Avaris 2.3 eBikes come pre-fitted with tyres made by Kenda, a leading manufacturer of tyres for many types of vehicle. The Kenda tyres we use are perfect for our eBikes – they’re deep rimmed, designed to be aerodynamic, and highly durable making them suitable for bike rides on tougher surfaces and terrains.

As durable as the tyres are, they won’t last forever and will eventually need replacing. But with the right level of maintenance you can ensure they’ll have a longer lifespan, saving you time and money.

Avaris Ebike Kenda tyres

eBike Tyre Pressure

It’s well worth giving your tyres a quick check before each journey – do they have enough air in them? Most of the time you do this, you’ll find the tyres are absolutely fine, but on the odd occasion, you might notice it’s time to top them up. It won’t take long, but it will ensure the tyre is at an optimal level for you to have an efficient, safe journey.

Checking the pressure is simple and takes no time at all. The most common method of checking your tyre is giving it a quick squeeze with your fingers. Does it feel firm, or are you not feeling much resistance? If it’s firm, then it’s likely you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Its inevitable you’ll need to inflate the tyres at some point though, and while most petrol stations offer air to do this with, it might be worth investing in a small pump to do it at home. Most pumps are relatively cheap, and purchasing one will save you the time and effort of having to go elsewhere. Some pumps also have an air pressure gauge – if giving the tyre a squeeze isn’t precise enough for you, this will allow you to make sure your tyres are still within the recommended pressure range for your bike.

A low tyre pressure can be bad for your bike over time – in particular, your wheel can end up damaged if you don’t keep on top of this, so it’s worth the regular checking.

Kenda Tyres Avaris Ebike

Tyre Cleaning

Whether you’re using the bike on the roads as part of your daily commute, or you’re taking it out into more rural areas for a recreational session, your tyres are going to accumulate dirt.

While general dirt is hardly going to cause issues with your tyres, it’s still worth giving them a once over every now and then. Not only will they look better, but you’ll remove any chunks of mud or stone that might have become lodged in the ridges of the tyres, stopping them from causing any potential damage while cycling.

Just a quick wipe down with a cloth and some warm water will do the trick, and can help to increase the lifespan of your tyres and wheels.