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What is an eBike?

eBikes are a rapidly growing trend in cycling and transport, using new technology to offer a greener, easier way of getting about and enjoying exercise. A popular choice for both beginners and experienced cyclists, eBikes are quickly becoming more commonplace, thanks to their innovative technology.

What is an eBike?

An eBike is a type of electrical-hybrid assisted bike, offering an easier cycle for riders. While a standard bicycle moves solely from the pedals being pushed, an eBike takes it further, adding extra acceleration while the cyclist is pedalling.

While pedalling, an eBike will effectively give you an extra “boost”, increasing your speed and power, but not increasing the amount of work your body will need to go through. You’ll still be pedalling yourself, but you’ll feel a notable increase in your acceleration.

eBikes have built in rechargeable batteries that power a small motor, which kicks in to help you keep the bike moving at a reasonable speed.

What is an ebike?

How do eBikes work?

Most eBikes are similar to standard bikes in that they offer a selection of gears to change your riding experience, however eBikes also have the additional option of ‘assistance level’. This is what makes an eBike such a versatile choice for the different levels of experienced riders.

Those who are looking for a workout would choose the lowest assistance level, meaning they’d have to work harder when out cycling. However, as the assistance levels increase, so does the power and ease of the eBike. For those looking for a light ride that provides speed without the worry of exhaustion, or are tackling a trickier terrain, the higher assistance levels will be a huge help.

How do Ebikes work?

The benefits of an eBike

eBikes are packed with numerous benefits that benefit both the user and the environment.

Easy to use for beginners

For those thinking of taking up cycling, it can be a bit daunting – the choice of bikes can be overwhelming, and if you’re looking to improve your fitness, you might be worried about just how far you’ll be able to ride before you tire yourself out.

The assistance offered by an eBike makes it much easier to get into cycling. If at any point you’re finding your ride a bit too difficult, you can simply increase your assistance level to get moving again – the highest levels of assistance will make your ride a breeze.

It’s a great feature for those looking to commute by bike for the first time. That level of exercise first thing in the morning might sound like a terrible idea, especially if you’re used to the comfort of your own car or public transport. Using an eBike to get to work means you don’t have to worry about spending the rest of the day feeling the fatigue from your ride, with the electrical assistance making your journey easier.

Environmentally friendly

Cycling is quite rightly seen as one of the greenest methods of transport, with many drivers switching from their polluting cars, to clean, emission-free bikes.

eBikes offer powered acceleration, but unlike cars, aren’t polluting the environment every time you use them. They’re a green, yet efficient mode of transport that you can rely on, even if you’re heavily conscious of your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The benefits of Ebikes

They can help you get fit

Although eBikes can make your journeys easier, and allow you to make less of an effort, they’re still a great source of exercise.

Using a normal bike for a long period can be a great workout, but if you’re not used to riding long distances, you’re going to struggle to keep going long enough to properly feel the benefits. The assistance an eBike offers means you can cycle for longer, enabling you to enjoy a better, more beneficial workout.

They’re versatile

The functions of an eBike lend themselves to be suitable for many different scenarios. They’re perfect as a road bike, giving you the option to add some fun into your daily commute, but can also feel at home when off-road. If you want to spend some of your weekend enjoying an assisted ride, the levels of assistance can help you tackle steep terrains and challenging routes.

The Avaris eBike

Looking to make your entry into the eBike market? The Avaris eBike could be the perfect choice for you.

The Avaris eBike offers nine levels of assistance and has 21 different gears, making it one of the most versatile options for riders of all experience levels. It also has modern, user-friendly technology that allows you to track and sync your trips via Bluetooth with a smartphone app, meaning you can keep a close eye on your fitness progress.

Avaris ebike uk

The Avaris eBike also includes:

  • A Samsung battery with a full charge that provides 60-80km of cycling power, and a recharge time of 3-5 hours.
  • A full-touch display, providing detailed information about your bike and your trip.
  • High-spec Shimano components, ensuring a resilient, long-lasting bike.
  • Deep rimmed Kenda tyres, built to handle some of the toughest terrains and surfaces.
  • A sleek, all-black design that makes this one of the best looking Ebikes on the market.

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