How does an Ebike work?

It goes without saying that an eBike has some key differences in comparison to a standard bicycle.

An electric bike, also known as an eBike, is designed to make cycling easier, reducing the strain on your body while increasing your acceleration.

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But how does an eBike actually work? We’ve highlighted some of the key components and explained how they work, to give you a better picture:



eBikes are battery powered, usually fitted with a removable power unit that is held in place on the bike frame. The battery is used to power up the other key components that provide you with extra speed and an easier journey.

In most cases, it’s easy to remove the battery for regular charging, before securely being clipped back into its slot.

The Avaris eBike uses a Samsung battery with a strong battery life. As such, it can store enough power to keep you moving from 60 to 80km, with a quick recharge time of 3-5 hours.

Avaris Ebike Battery
Avaris Ebike Display


Once you’ve started your journey, the bike’s electrical assistance will kick in to give you an extra boost.

One key component is responsible for this action – the speed sensor. The sensor is positioned to detect when you’re pedalling and the bike is moving. As you cycle, the sensor monitors how fast you’re travelling, and activates the motor to give you an easier ride.


Assistance Levels

“As you pedal, the bike’s electric motor provides you with extra speed” – it sounds quite vague. Just how much extra speed do you get?

Well, you can choose! eBikes have varying levels of electrical assistance, which suits the many cyclists of varying fitness level and experience.

You can choose to leave the electrical assistance on it’s lowest setting, taking a little of the strain out of your journey, or you can go to the opposite end of the scale with the bike providing enough additional speed so that your ride is almost effortless.

The Avaris eBike has nine different assistance levels, meaning you can get the balance right for every situation.

Avaris Ebike gear shifter
Avaris Ebike motor


Once you’ve chosen your assistance level and started pedalling, the electric motor will kick in to provide you with a boost.

The motor is located in different places depending on the eBike, and controls the torque.

Avaris eBikes are fitted with a 36V, 250W brushless rear motor, manufactured by Bafang.