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6th April

Top benefits of using your eBike to get to work

More people are trying to improve their health and the environment through cycling to work. Click to find out why...

29th March

Want the chance to be gifted an Avaris eBike?

An electrically assisted bike is a great way to stay active without pushing yourself to your physical limit and aid recovery.

28th March

Avaris Road eBike: Top Battery Care Tips 

Battery care is paramount when it comes to looking after your eBike! Learn our tops tips for battery care...

23rd March

How cycling can help physical rehabilitation

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy and can help you to recovery from injury or illness.

22nd February

5 must-have eBike accessories

You've got your top-tech electric bike and now you need the essentials to go with it! Here's our top 5 must-have eBike accessories

15th February

Have the 2022 Highway Code updates affected cyclists?

The Highway Code 2022 went into effect in January, but what do these new rules means for eBike users?

3rd February

Tips for transporting an eBike

Now you’ve got your Avaris eBike, you’re going to want to use it to explore your not-so-local cycling hotspots, but figuring out how to transport your eBike safely is the next big step!

28th January

Do you need a license for an electric bike?

We’re commonly asked whether an eBike needs to be licensed and if there are any laws or legal requirements that need to be adhered to. 

28th January

How to Protect Your eBike From Theft

Unfortunately, it’s common for bike riders to have their bike stolen so ensuring you know how to protect your eBike is key.

12th January

What does an eBike display do?

Avaris’ eBikes are full of tech to help you get the most out of your ride, regardless of your fitness level or cycling habits.

21st December

How To Mend A Puncture On An Electric Bike

You might be wondering, if you can fix a puncture on a regular bike then can you just as easily mend a puncture on an eBike? 

16th December

Is an eBike cheating?

There's a common misunderstanding within the cycling world that using an eBike instead of a regular bike means you're cheating. But this just isn't the case, and we explain why in our short blog.

30th November

Do eBikes work in winter?

One common question that we often answer is: ‘do eBikes work in winter?’ Of course, we aren’t being asked if the wheels will continue to turn despite a drop in temperature, but there are some very acceptable reservations that we thought we could answer in this short blog.

30th November

How long does an eBike battery last?

In this blog, we’ll cover how long an eBike battery lasts, and share our tips and tricks to make it last that little bit longer.

24th November

The environmental benefits of eBikes

eBikes are undoubtedly kinder on the planet, but why and by how much? Avaris eBikes discuss the benefits eBikes have on the environment.