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2nd September

Upcoming UK cycling events

Cycling events are great for meeting new people, discovering new trials and places to adventure, and even learning a thing or two about bike care, bike safety or some new riding tips!

19th August

Tips for getting back on the bike after injury

It can be difficult to cycle again after an accident so here is our top tips for getting back on your bike after an injury.

19th August

Updated UK cycling laws for 2022

Towards the beginning of the year, we spoke about the 2022 Highway Code updates and how that affects cyclists. Because road safety for cyclists is paramount, we’re going to update you on the latest UK cycling laws for 2022.

15th July

Road safety tips for cyclists

Road safety is essential for every new and old cyclist that rides their eBike. It provides safety and awareness of the potential dangers you may face while riding your bike. Too often cyclists aren’t educated enough on road safety, which is why cycling accidents happen more frequently than we’d like.

11th July

Gift ideas for the cyclist in your life

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or just to say “I love you”, sometimes finding that perfect gift for the cyclist in your life is challenging!

29th June

Our favourite hot weather cycling gear

! Cycling in the heat can be very enjoyable, but also tough due to the hot climate, however, don’t let this stop you from embarking on a bike adventure. Here is our favourite hot weather cycling gear. 

14th June

Introducing the Avaris 3.6 Road eBike

There’s a new Avaris eBike on the road and it’s the 3.6 Avaris Road eBike! Introducing our brand new bike featuring new, high spec components, an improved display and, due to popular demand, is now available with mudguards!

9th June

Recovery and rehabilitation with an Avaris eBike

Physical and mental rehabilitation after a life-changing experience or injury is never easy. That’s why here at Avaris eBikes, we work hard to support individuals to get back on their feet with our Free Ride to Recovery Initiative. 

30th May

Are eBikes the answer to Clean Air Zones?

Major cities across the UK are introducing Clean Air Zones to combat the effects of poor air pollution on public health. Are electric road bikes the answer to Clean Air Zones?

26th May

How to have a fun family bike ride

Summer is here and it’s the perfect season for a family bike ride. For some families, this will be their first ride of the year, and for others, it will be their first bike ride ever! Here's our tips

25th May

Safety tips when cycling and commuting in the dark

Cycling in the dark can be daunting at first, especially if you have never ridden at night before. You can be fearful of cars approaching behind and in front of you, as there have been so many cases of cycling accidents.

18th May

5 things to do when you get your Avaris eBike

You've got your new Avaris eBike and you're eager to get on the road - but there are a few things you must do first.

26th April

Avaris eBike Rehabilitation Stories

Over the last 2 years, our Free Ride to Recovery Initiative has been helping people with their recovery and rehabilitation. Read their stories here...

6th April

Top benefits of using your eBike to get to work

More people are trying to improve their health and the environment through cycling to work. Click to find out why...

29th March

Want the chance to be gifted an Avaris eBike?

An electrically assisted bike is a great way to stay active without pushing yourself to your physical limit and aid recovery.