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Avaris Odysey Mountain Bike Battery

Bafang M400 Mid-Drive Battery Unit. Lightweight, powerful and extremely durable, the M400 drive system with 250W rated battery power output and 80Nm of torque is perfectly adapted for the needs of roads, trails and off-road riding.

The Bafang battery unit consistently provides riders with harmonious and dependable support when needed.

Our motor is one of the most powerful out there and combined with the battery to offer 720Whr, it offers the possibility of the below distances for each range setting.

Assist Level 1 = 180Km
Assist Level 2 = 150Km
Assist Level  3 = 130Km
Assist Level  4 = 110Km
Assist Level  5 = 90Km

Please note with the correct ride management and route planning, these are the maximum distances you can cover. The actual range depends on several factors including weight, elevation, terrain and acceleration.


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