12th January

What does an eBike display do?

Avaris’ eBikes are full of tech to help you get the most out of your ride, regardless of your fitness level or cycling habits.

16th December

Is an eBike cheating?

There's a common misunderstanding within the cycling world that using an eBike instead of a regular bike means you're cheating. But this just isn't the case, and we explain why in our short blog.

30th November

Do eBikes work in winter?

One common question that we often answer is: ‘do eBikes work in winter?’ Of course, we aren’t being asked if the wheels will continue to turn despite a drop in temperature, but there are some very acceptable reservations that we thought we could answer in this short blog.

30th November

How long does an eBike battery last?

In this blog, we’ll cover how long an eBike battery lasts, and share our tips and tricks to make it last that little bit longer.

15th October

Regular bike vs eBike: The differences

This blog covers all of the key differences between regular bikes and eBikes.

31st May

eBike parts: the complete guide

A look at the Avaris eBike, part by part. Our bikes are made with high spec components from reputable manufacturers.

7th May

A simple guide to road bike gears and shifting between them

Many road bikes have a selection of gears. But what are their purpose, and what's the optimal way of shifting between them?

4th May

What makes the best road eBike?

When looking to buy an eBike there's plenty to consider, including how much electrical assistance is offered, and how good the battery life is.

26th February

Best eBike under £2,000? Why Avaris ticks every box

With nine assistance levels, Bluetooth technology and a full-touch screen display, the Avaris eBike is one of the best under £2,000.

5th January

A simple guide to eBikes

New to eBikes and want to find out more? We've written the ultimate guide to eBikes, introducing you to the future of cycling.

15th July

Electric bikes vs regular bikes – what’s the difference

Electric bikes are the future of cycling, but what makes them different from a standard bicycle? We've highlighted the biggest differences.

9th July

5 reasons you should invest in an eBike

With benefits for your health and the environment, there are many reasons buying an eBike is a wise investment.