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27th April

Which electric bike is right for me?

With the ability to pedal with assistance from an electric motor, eBikes can help riders go further and faster with less effort.

20th April

The importance of high quality electric bike components

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a popular mode of transportation for commuters and recreational cyclists alike. With the rise in popularity of electric bikes, it is important to understand the importance of high-quality electric bike components. In this blog, we will discuss the significance of quality components in electric bikes, factors to consider […]

31st January

Mountain eBike parts and components

Powerful, reliable, intuitive and capable of dealing with high demands are all words synonymous with the Avaris Odysey Mountain eBike.

25th January

How do you choose your first electric bicycle?

If you’ve finally come to the realisation that you would like to purchase an electric bicycle, then you’ve landed on the right page. It can be challenging trying to find the right electric bike for you, so we’ve done the hard part and singled out the key areas you should look into.

6th September

Road eBikes vs Mountain eBikes: Which one should you choose?

Not all bikes and eBikes are created equal. Mountain bikes and road bikes are especially different as each serves a different purpose for the rider. At first glance, the bikes may only differ slightly visually, but the features and technology used on both electric road bikes and electric mountain bikes can be surprisingly different. 

14th June

Introducing the Avaris 3.6 Road eBike

There’s a new Avaris eBike on the road and it’s the 3.6 Avaris Road eBike! Introducing our brand new bike featuring new, high spec components, an improved display and, due to popular demand, is now available with mudguards!

9th June

Recovery and rehabilitation with an Avaris eBike

Physical and mental rehabilitation after a life-changing experience or injury is never easy. That’s why here at Avaris eBikes, we work hard to support individuals to get back on their feet with our Free Ride to Recovery Initiative. 

25th May

Safety tips when cycling and commuting in the dark

Cycling in the dark can be daunting at first, especially if you have never ridden at night before. You can be fearful of cars approaching behind and in front of you, as there have been so many cases of cycling accidents.

12th January

What does an eBike display do?

Avaris’ eBikes are full of tech to help you get the most out of your ride, regardless of your fitness level or cycling habits.

16th December

Is an eBike cheating?

There's a common misunderstanding within the cycling world that using an eBike instead of a regular bike means you're cheating. But this just isn't the case, and we explain why in our short blog.

30th November

Do eBikes work in winter?

One common question that we often answer is: ‘do eBikes work in winter?’ Of course, we aren’t being asked if the wheels will continue to turn despite a drop in temperature, but there are some very acceptable reservations that we thought we could answer in this short blog.

30th November

How long does an eBike battery last?

In this blog, we’ll cover how long an eBike battery lasts, and share our tips and tricks to make it last that little bit longer.

15th October

Regular bike vs eBike: The differences

This blog covers all of the key differences between regular bikes and eBikes.

31st May

Avaris 2.3 eBike parts: the complete guide

A look at the Avaris eBike, part by part. Our bikes are made with high spec components from reputable manufacturers.

7th May

A simple guide to road bike gears and shifting between them

Many road bikes have a selection of gears. But what are their purpose, and what's the optimal way of shifting between them?