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9th June

Recovery and rehabilitation with an Avaris eBike

Physical and mental rehabilitation after a life-changing experience or injury is never easy. That’s why here at Avaris eBikes, we work hard to support individuals to get back on their feet with our Free Ride to Recovery Initiative. 

26th April

Avaris eBike Rehabilitation Stories

Over the last 2 years, our Free Ride to Recovery Initiative has been helping people with their recovery and rehabilitation. Read their stories here...

29th March

Want the chance to be gifted an Avaris eBike?

An electrically assisted bike is a great way to stay active without pushing yourself to your physical limit and aid recovery.

23rd March

How cycling can help physical rehabilitation

Cycling is a great way to stay fit and healthy and can help you to recovery from injury or illness.

13th July

How a chronic fatigue sufferer claimed his life back with an Avaris eBike

A story of how the Avaris eBike helped a chronic fatigue sufferer rebuild his health and stamina, with daily bike rides.

14th January

eBike cystic fibrosis charity ride

Find out more about how we donated one of our electric bikes for use in a cystic fibrosis charity bike ride.