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15th March

What is the cycle to work scheme?

Have you been considering getting an Avaris eBike to cycle to work with and want to learn more about the cycle to work scheme? An eBike and commuting go hand-in-hand; it’s an eco-friendly, cost-effective and healthy way to get from A to B. The cycle to work scheme is a UK government initiative that promotes […]

25th May

Safety tips when cycling and commuting in the dark

Cycling in the dark can be daunting at first, especially if you have never ridden at night before. You can be fearful of cars approaching behind and in front of you, as there have been so many cases of cycling accidents.

6th April

Top benefits of using your eBike to get to work

More people are trying to improve their health and the environment through cycling to work. Click to find out why...

3rd September

Can you get an eBike on a cycle to work scheme?

The purpose of this short article is to explain the Cycle to Work scheme concept to you, and how eBikes fit into this government-backed initiative.

1st August

Why employers should back the eBike

Are you an employer looking to make use of a cycle to work scheme? Here's why you should consider the ebike as an option for your staff.