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Avaris Odysey eMountain Bike FAQ

eBikes can be complex products with a lot of features and functions. We have put together this FAQ guide to answer all of the questions we answer about the Avaris 2.3 Road eBike.

If you have a question that we haven’t answered, you can contact us directly, here.


Yes, mountain bike style mudguards can be fitted.

There are no connection bolts located on the bike for a drinks bottle holder, however there is plenty of space to fit a strapped holder. Another popular option with eMTB riders is to carry a camel pack.

With some manipulation, a pannier rack could be fitted to the Odysey eMTB.

If it’s an adjustable strapped device that secures the bicycle to the rack, there’s no reason why not. The downtube is slightly thicker on the Avaris bicycle compared to a bike that is not electric, since this is where the battery is housed.

Yes, as long as the diameter of the thread remains the same (9/16″). A number of our Odysey customers have already started to personalise their ride, adding their own style with items such as coloured grips & pedals.

Please note; care must be taken when installing your pedals, so that the crank arm threads do not become damaged during installation. Do not force them on the thread, make sure you find the right bite and are aligned on the thread correctly before you tighten. TAKE NOTE that the non-drive side (LH Pedal) is reversed thread.

Yes it would be possible to attach a stand. You can buy ones that clamp to the chainstay from any reputable bicycle retail shop.

Technically it can be done with the right kit, the only major consideration that needs to be thought about, is the amount of spare space available on the stem of the forks…. There can’t be any spare space when the kit is applied, use spacers to fill if necessary. The stem cap and bolt must have a 2-3 mm of a gap left at the top, so that it has room to be able to clamp the whole headset together correctly. Another consideration is gear and brake cable length, an increase in stem height could mean that the brake and gear cables need to be lengthened too.


Hold down the power button located on the remote control, which is situated on the handlebar.

There is clear instruction given on the barrel lock located on the eMTB. Simply insert the key into the barrel lock and turn anti-clockwise, the battery will then loosen from its housing, for you to then pull out and release.

Yes, please contact us if required. Please note that there will be a small charge incurred, and you must also have the original proof of purchase for the Avaris eBike.

Yes, please contact us if required. Please note that there will be a small charge incurred, and you must also have the original proof of purchase for the Avaris eBike.

The battery bars display the amount of power left, according to the wattage/power being drawn at the exact time of the bicycle being ridden. The display is telling the rider; “if you ride at this constant speed in this assistance mode for the remainder of this journey, this is how much power you will have left in your battery”.

Yes, the battery can be charged on or off your eBike. Always charge the battery at room temperature.

The charger is very similar to a laptop charger.

The battery life indicator should only remain on for a few seconds to give you an indication of how healthy the battery is.

The Odysey offers 5 levels of assistance. ‘0’ being no assistance and ‘5’ providing you with the most assistance. This will transform your riding experience – particularly when riding on hilly terrain or prolonged journeys.

Depending on the area and terrain you’re riding, along with the correct ride management to suit, the battery should allow you to ride for up to 90-180 KM per charge, with only a charge time of 3-5 hours.


Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

It’s the standard Shimano Deore or Tektro pads for your brake calipers.


After the display is turned on, quickly press the ‘i’ button twice to access the “SETTINGS” menu. Once in the settings menu, use the + and – buttons to navigate through the menu headers. To select a header, press the ‘i’ button when the desired header is highlighted.

Select ‘Display Settings’, then ‘Units’, then change it from ‘Metric’ to ‘Imperial’. Exit the settings menu by selecting back/exit until you’re back on the home screen.


Yes, one could easily be strapped to the top tube or seat tube.

The seat tube and the seat post are hollow, so technically, depending on the size and style of tracker, yes it could.


The Avaris Odysey model has 9 gears, x1 chainring on the front and an x9 speed cassette on the rear. The righthand shifter has gear levels 1 to 9, and as the shifter lever is pushed inwards, this decreases the gear down from 9 (hardest) to 1 (easiest). A couple of examples of how to use your gears would be… if you are about to tackle a very steep hill, you would want to be in a low numbered gear. Whilst alternatively, if you’re on a steep decline, you’d want to be in a higher numbered gear. Don’t forget, you have the Drive Unit power to help you along the way too, should you need it.


Bafang mid-drive M400, which offers 80nm of torque.

No, this is considered illegal here in the UK and it would also invalidate your warranty with us. For further info, please see the following link…

We currently use a 250W powered drive unit, which is the maximum permitted for legal use on any eBike here in the UK.


No, however they can be purchased from

They also provide a pick up/delivery service too should you need it.


In terms of general bicycle servicing… If you’re not capable of actioning correctly yourself, this can be done by any third party professional bike technician/mechanic. A customer/bicycle owner would generally source a bicycle mechanic within their area to action, and then pay them for the service. The Avaris Odysey model uses regular bicycle components that can be sourced by any reputable bike store.

We are currently looking to build a network of local workshops. However, all the parts of the Avaris bike are from established world renowned manufacturers, and therefore all trained bike technicians/mechanics, should be able to source and fix parts of the ebike should you encounter any aftersales issues (general wear and tear for example).


The Avaris Odysey is designed for all riding surfaces. It is a hardtail eMTB with 120mm of travel on the front suspension, and therefore our recommendation is that it is more suited towards offroad mountain bike trails, bridleways and towpaths.

Yes it can be ridden without the battery, but unfortunately there isn’t a spare cover that is available. Generally across the board, it’s not efficient to ride eBikes without the battery and some drive unit assistance, due to the extra weight that all eBike brands carry.

Wheels / Tyres

Yes. The Avaris Odysey comes as standard with 29″x2.30″ all terrain tyres, however should you wish, you can increase the tyre width to a larger size. Just make sure to take note of the maximum width on both the forks and the seatstay/chainstay.

Yes, both wheels are quick release.