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Free Ride To Recovery Initiative Giveaway

Since 2020, Avaris eBikes has been supporting charities and individuals suffering with injury or illness with our Free Ride to Recovery initiative. The Free Ride to Recovery initiative gifts refurbished electric road bikes to people who will benefit from an assisted eBike in their rehabilitation and recovery. 

Our Avaris Road eBike is lightweight and versatile with up to 80K of assisted cycling range, giving you the freedom of mobility and the benefits of exercise without exhausting yourself.

Enter For a Chance to Receive

Do you want the chance to be gifted an Avaris Bike to help with your recovery and rehabilitation? Please enter the details for the person or cause, for your chance to receive your own Avaris eBike using the form below.

About the Free Ride To Recovery Initiative

The Initiative was set up by founder Richard Heys, with the aim of making a positive impact on the lives of those with injuries, illnesses and other conditions.

The company is refurbishing eBikes which are returned with minor impairments, for example if they have been damaged due to delivery and is donating them to people or groups who would benefit from their use.

Founder Richard Heys said:

“We cannot sell returned bikes as new, even if they have been completely refurbished by our trained technicians and are as good as new. We knew it would be such a waste if they weren’t put to good use, so we have decided to help people in need.

“The project is still in its early stages, but we’ve had fantastic feedback so far. Many people living with health limitations are unable to use traditional bikes, or take part in other forms of exercise but cycling with pedal assisted power allows them to ride at their own pace and can aid in physical as well as mental recovery”

ebike for recovery
“Avaris eBikes’ new Road to Recovery Initiative allows people like us to improve our health in ways we may never otherwise get the chance, and every member of our group would like to thank the company for its donations.”
Bob Gower
The Electric Cranks Cycling Club, Manchester